Ethiopian 'Shilcho'

Ethiopian 'Shilcho'

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We're very excited to be able to offer Ethiopian 'Shilcho' again this year. Two years ago, we submitted this coffee to the Good Food Awards and it won as one of the top 15 coffees in the US. This year, the crop is delicious once again - with complex yet, delicate fruit and tea flavors and silky smooth body. If you're a fan of Ethiopian coffees, the Shilcho doesn't disappoint.

This fall, we submitted this coffee (and Ethiopian 'Addisu Kidane') to the Good Food Awards again and both have been selected as winners. This means that two of our coffees are among the top 17 coffees in the nation, and in the top three of the Northwest Region. The Good Food Awards celebrate sustainably & responsibly produced, exceptional food and beverages made in the US.

Aroma: Raspberry, gardenia, vanilla
Flavor: Peach, blackberry, honey
Body: Silky, delicate
Finish: Earl Grey tea, lavender
Producer: Shilcho Cooperative
Region: Dara Woreda, Sidama Zone (Southern Ethiopia)
Altitude: 1750 - 2000 meters above seal level
Processing: Washed, then fermented for 36 hours, double-rinsed in tile channels with fresh water, then stage-dried on raised and covered beds
Certification: Organic

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