French Press Brew Guide

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Yield: 50 oz* Brew Time: 4:00 minutes

1. Grind 84 grams of coffee on the coarsest setting.

2. Heat 50 ounces of water.

3. Pour 84 grams of coffee into the bottom of the french press.

4. Set a timer for 4:00 minutes. Press start, and in concentric circles from the outside in, pour approximately 100-200 grams of water to wet the bed of coffee. Give the french press a swirl to add some turbulence and make sure all of the coffee is saturated.

5. At 3:00, break the crust that has formed by pouring water in concentric circles from the outside in, then pour into the center and fill up to where the metal meets the glass at the top of the french press.

6. Without plunging, place the lid on the french press to retain heat while it brews.

7. When 4:00 minutes has elapsed, slowly and gently press.

8. Finally, serve immediately, or transfer to a clean heat-retaining carafe or decanter. As you drink it consider its aroma, flavor, body, and finish, as well as the evolution of these characteristics as the coffee cools. Enjoy!

*To adjust for different sizes:

3-cup: use 26 grams of coffee, 12 oz water

4-cup: use 32 grams of coffee, 16 oz water

8-cup: use 64 grams of coffee, 32 oz water