Beyond sourcing and roasting sustainable, organic coffee to its fullest potential and transforming it into beautiful, delicious coffee beverages, our team is full of talented individuals who make the Noble machine run smoothly.

Meet the folks who create the magic and make Noble Coffee possible.


Jared Rennie, CEO

Jared Rennie | CEO

Jared is our lovable, infectiously smiley CEO -- the one who made Noble a reality. From humble beginnings in his garage to prosperous growth at the Coffeehouse in Ashland and beyond, Noble Coffee Roasting wouldn't exist without Jared's passion for coffee and all of the people involved along the way.


Carolyn Rennie, COO

Carolyn Rennie | COO

Carolyn wears many hats around the Coffeehouse, and we don't know where we'd be without her endless dedication and lively spirit. Between writing schedules, working on finances, and supporting our staff, it's a surprise she has time for anything else. A joy to be around, a wonderful teacher, an open ear, a shoulder to lean on -- Carolyn does it all with grace and passion.


Ashley Wix, Coffeehouse Manager

Ashley Wix | Coffeehouse Manager

Ashley leads our team with precision and pride. An embodiment of all our values at Noble, she aids all of our staff to develop our skills and be the best that we can possibly be, both in the work environment and in our personal lives.



Brian O'Rourke | Wholesale Manager

Brian is incredibly hard-working and compassionate to boot. He'll bend over backwards for a friend in need and he applies this same level of detail and care as Wholesale Manager. He's handy, friendly, punctual, and we couldn't imagine a better guy to lead our Wholesale Department.

Wesley Parker, Wholesale Manager

Wesley Parker | Roasting Manager

Humble and kind, yet focused and deliberate, we can't imagine a better person to lead our Roastery. With a long background in the coffee industry, and familiarity with roasting, his skills and knowledge benefit all of us in the Coffeehouse, as well as anybody who enjoys our coffees.


Nenah Young, Graphic Designer

Nenah Young | Marketing Manager

Nenah is our guru for all things creative. In addition to being a killer barista, she plans, executes, and analyzes marketing and design strategies. She built our website, sends out bi-monthly newsletters, photographs our products, and is involved with everything design-related at Noble, from social media to merchandise.