Single Origin Espresso Brazilian 'Maria Branca'

Single Origin Espresso Brazilian 'Maria Branca'

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We’re so stoked to be offering Brazilian ‘Maria Branca’ as our new single origin espresso! This coffee has all the same beautiful characteristics as before with an enhanced sweetness and body.

Thanks to our wonderful partnership with Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza (FAF), we are able to offer this delicious naturally-processed Brazilian coffee. ‘Maria Branca’ tastes like sweet tropical guava with pine nut and toffee. It’s grown in Mogiana, São Paulo on old cattle pasture land that has now been cultivated for organic coffee production. This has resulted in the reforestation of that land - a win for coffee and a win for the environment. Maria Branca is the Portuguese name for the Gray Monjita, a beautiful bird that is common on the farm and beloved by the producers.

AROMA: rose petal, chocolate
FLAVOR: guava, hazelnut
BODY: creamy, buttery
FINISH: pine nut, toffee
REGION: mogiana, são paulo
ALTITUDE: 900 meters above sea level
VARIETY: yellow catucaí
PRODUCER: josé lopes de faria
PROCESS: natural (dried on raised beds)

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