Colombian 'Las Pulgas'

Colombian 'Las Pulgas'

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We’re stoked to be offering this incredibly special micro lot from Tolima, Colombia. Las Pulgas is of the lower-yielding Caturra variety, but the quality of the variety more than makes up for its lower quantity production. Its smooth creamy body is accompanied by deliciously sweet tropical flavors of cherry and coconut with a rich candied almond finish.

The department of Tolima was traditionally a large producer of the coca plant but recently, with support from the United States, the Colombian government began incentivizing alternative agricultural products by offering subsidies to farmers that switch over to coffee production. This has been greatly beneficial to the communities and economy in the area. Supporting this change by buying from these farms is something we are very excited about and, it doesn’t hurt that the coffee happens to also be completely incredible! This delicious Colombian coffee will only be around for a limited time so get a bag while you can, we promise your mouth will thank you for it.

AROMA: anise, bananas foster
FLAVOR: cherry, pineapple, coconut
BODY: smooth, creamy
FINISH: candied almond, nougat
REGION: planadas, tolima
ALTITUDE: 2070 meters above sea level
VARIETY: caturra
PRODUCER: iván molano ramírez
PROCESSING: washed, then dried in a solar drier

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