Ethiopian 'Bishan Fugu'

Ethiopian 'Bishan Fugu'

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Brought to us by the same folks as the Ethiopian 'Kirite,' we're delighted to be able to offer you this delectable naturally processed coffee, 'Bishan Fugu.' Both hail from the Guji zone in Oromia, by METAD, an Ethiopian-based coffee sourcing and production company. It's fun to be able to have both a washed and naturally processed coffees from the same farm. Try both and you'll see how process directly affects the flavor of these coffees. Where-as the 'Kirite' you'll find to be juicy and rosy, the 'Bishan Fugu' is like a fruit punch, with a really nice creamy body. To learn more about the history of this coffee, and the wonderful things METAD is doing for coffee production in Ethiopia, visit METAD at

We're also very proud to announce that this coffee has been selected as a Good Food Awards finalist! This is our 8th coffee to make it as a finalist during the 8 years of the Good Food Awards program. No other Oregon coffee roaster has made it this far. Check out a full list of finalists on the Good Food Awards website.

As if that wasn't enough attention, this coffee was also recently featured in 'Organic Certified Coffees from Africa' on and scored a whopping 93 points. Wow!

Aroma: Wildflowers, honey graham
Flavor: Fruit punch, grape jelly
Body: Full, creamy
Finish: Strawberry taffy, cocoa
Region: Guji Zone, Oromia
Altitude: 1900 - 2200
Variety: Heirloom indigenous
Producer: Adinew brothers
Process: Natural
Certification: Organic

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