Kenyan 'Muiri Estate'

Kenyan 'Muiri Estate'

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Organic coffees are really rare to come by in Kenya. Muiri Estate, located in Kiambu County is one of the rare farms producing a certified organic and delicious crop that we feel so lucky to be able to offer to you. The estate spans over 443 acres of which 219 are used for coffee production. In addition to this, they have an a plot of land set aside that over 1,000 local families use to grow coffee and sustain themselves.

This coffee is so special not just because it is certified organic but also because its flavors are complex and sweet. It opens with the bright sweetness of lemonade and closes with herbal and grounding notes of tarragon and dried figs. Its dense and syrupy body perfectly compliments its floral acidity and makes for cup of coffee that will intrigue as well as please your palate.

AROMA: cinnamon, perfume
FLAVOR: lemonade, brown sugar
BODY: dense, syrupy
FINISH: tarragon, figs
REGION: kiambu county
ALTITUDE: 1537 - 1550 meters above sea level
VARIETY: sl28, sl34 k7, ruiru 11
PROCESS: washed then sun-dried
PRODUCER: muigai family

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