Panamanian 'Duncan Estate' {Gesha Variety}

Panamanian 'Duncan Estate' {Gesha Variety}


Similar to wine, coffee has many different varieties. Gesha (sometimes referred to as geisha) is a rare and exotic coffee variety that was originally found near the town of Gesha in a remote area of western Ethiopia. It moved through Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania, and then eventually made its way over to the Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center in Costa Rica in the late 1950's. There, they made honest attempts to cultivate it in Costa Rica and shortly after, Panama. The project was mostly abandoned because the gesha was low-yielding and they didn't enjoy the taste. The variety is now known to be difficult to grow, needing the perfect combination of elevation, rainfall, and soil nutrients to thrive. It is apparent now, that either the conditions were not right to produce the sweet, floral flavors the variety is known for, or we value the delicate qualities of the gesha differently than we did 60-70 years ago.

This particular gesha was grown by award-winning producer Ricardo Koyner of the Duncan Estate in Boquete, Panama. We had the pleasure of visiting this farm and meeting Ricardo and his family back in 2011. Check out this album on our Flickr page to see pictures from this trip, including images of Ricardo, the farm, their processing equipment, gesha coffee cherries, and more.

This limited release coffee is available through the holiday season and comes in a beautiful 8 ounce reusable jar with flip lid and metallic accented custom label.

Aroma: Jasmine, lavender
Flavor: Guava, passionfruit
Body: Silky, smooth
Finish: Honey, darjeeling tea
Region: Boquete, Chiriquí
Variety: Gesha
Process: Washed, dried on raised beds
Producer: Ricardo Koyner
Certification: Organic


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