Ethiopian 'Buku Sayisa' Coffee Subscription Every Two Weeks

Ethiopian 'Buku Sayisa' Coffee Subscription Every Two Weeks

from 19.00 every 2 weeks

A blessed coffee from the Blessed Valley, the ‘Buku Sayisa’ is a product of an amazing and inspiring tale. Grown in the beautiful highlands of Southern Ethiopia, this farm is isolated from the rest of the country in a valley known as Buku Sayisa, a name which translates to Blessed Valley. Though coffee has been grown in this remote region from many years, it hadn’t met its true potential due to the lack of resources, both equipment and methods, available to the farmers. About three years ago, an organization known as METAD, run by the amazing Adinew brothers, joined up with the Buku Sayisa village and provided education and equipment that allowed the farm to reach its full potential and produce a product as amazing as ‘Buku Sayisa’.

With the juicy and silky body we know and love from Ethiopian coffees, the ‘Buku Sayisa’ offers a bright blackberry and lemon-drop flavor that really makes it stand out. We’re more than proud to introduce this coffee to our line-up.

AROMA: jasmine, blackberry
FLAVOR: lemon drop, hibiscus
BODY: juicy, silky
FINISH: cola, orange zest
REGION: guji zone (southern ethiopia)
ALTITUDE: 1900 - 2200 meters above sea level
VARIETY: heirloom indigenous
PRODUCER: buku sayisa village members with crucial help from the adinew brothers
PROCESS: washed

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