Ethiopian 'Jibicho' Weekly Coffee Subscription

Ethiopian 'Jibicho' Weekly Coffee Subscription

from 20.00 every week

We’re so thrilled to be offering this brilliant naturally-processed Ethiopian Coffee. Ethiopian ‘Jibicho’ is named for its producer, Bedhatu Jibicho, one of the most experienced coffee producers in Ethiopia. Since beginning to work in coffee in the 1960’s, she has grown from being a co-op member to he own exporter. This last harvest season, she and her son banded with their neighboring producers to establish a farmer-owned export company through which they are able to sell directly.

The testament to her years of experience is found directly in the flavor of this coffee. It has a sweet and syrupy flavor of a juicy peach with full-bodied chocolate to round it out. Its floral finish of rose petals and cantaloupe complete each sip that satisfies the taste buds while leaving an overwhelming longing for more.

AROMA: strawberry, vanilla
FLAVOR: peaches, chocolate
BODY: full, syrupy
FINISH: rose petals, cantaloupe
REGION: banko gotiti, gedeo zone
ALTITUDE: 1800-1900 meters above sea level
VARIETY: heirloom indigenous
PRODUCER: matriarch bedhatu jibicho & family
PROCESSING: natural (sun-dried on raised beds)

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