Mexican 'La Cascada' Weekly Coffee Subscription

Mexican 'La Cascada' Weekly Coffee Subscription

from 17.00 every week

We’re so thrilled to have a Mexican coffee back in our lineup! This washed single origin has crisp flavors of red apple and pineapple with a rich chocolate pudding finish.

This coffee is so special because it is a single variety from a standout single farmer of the Ismam Fair Trade Co-op in Chiapas, the most southern state of Mexico. This is unique, as often single origin coffees have a blend of varieties from farmers in the co-op it comes from. The producer, Lucas Velázquez Bartolón’s lot is the bourbon variety and when you taste in there’s no question as to why it was it stood out amongst the rest!

AROMA: nougat, raisin
FLAVOR: red apple, pineapple
BODY: silky, juicy
FINISH: chocolate pudding
REGION: siltepec, chiapas
ALTITUDE: 1500-1900 meters above sea level
VARIETY: bourbon
PRODUCER: lucas velázquez bartolón
PROCESS: washed, then sun-dried

Amount Per Shipment: