Kenyan 'Getuya' AA Weekly Subscription

Kenyan 'Getuya' AA Weekly Subscription

from 21.00 every week

We are proud to be offering Kenyan ‘Getuya‘ as our first Kenyan coffee in quite some time. This delicious coffee is grown by Samuel Muchiri in the Murang’a county region located in the province of Kirinyaga. ‘Getuya translates to ‘ripe’, which perfectly describes its unique juicy grapefruit taste. ‘Murang’a’ means ‘a good place to live’ and ‘Kirinyaga’ signifies ‘God’s mountain’, both which illustrate a beautiful picture of the land from which this coffee is grown.

Samuel stands out as one of the few organic coffee producers in Kenya (and, in fact, the only one that we’re aware of!). His farm also has received an AA grade, which is the highest quality grade a farm can receive in Kenya. He experimented with this coffee using a relatively new process called anaerobic fermentation. To achieve this, he placed his coffee in fermentation tanks and vacuumed out the air so that fermentation would occur without any oxygen. This is a very new technique and gives the coffee’s flavor a unique complexity that’s hard to forget. During the Holidays, we always try to offer something truly special and Kenyan ‘Getuya’ is the perfect coffee for you and your loved ones to enjoy this season.

AROMA: magnolia blossom, maple
FLAVOR: grapefruit, black currant
BODY: silky, juicy
FINISH: toffee, sage
ALTITUDE: 2000 meters above sea level
REGION: murang’a county, kirinyaga province
VARIETY: sl 28
PROCESS: anaerobic washed process
PRODUCER: samuel muchiri

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