We're a barista-driven company that always strives to be one of the world's best coffee companies. Of course, we can't do that without an amazing team of individuals. If you're passionate about coffee, like to work hard as part of a team and have fun while you do it, please consider working with us.



Why work at Noble Coffee? the Top 5 reasons to join our team.

1. COFFEE: Access to the world's finest coffees, and knowledge on how best to roast and prepare these coffees.

2. LOCATION: Ashland, Oregon, in the beautiful Rogue Valley - we eat well, drink great local beers and wine, hike and bike in the mountains, and explore the nearby coast and other treasures.

3. GROWTH: As our company grows and evolves, so will our careers. If the position you dream of isn't listed below, we may need your expertise and not even know it yet. Get started with us and create your dream job.

4. TRAVEL: Access to our NCR Staff to Origin program: travel to coffee growing countries, meet farmers, and source coffee.

5. BENEFITS: Competitive salary with access to medical benefits, profit sharing, and paid time off.