We ship Mondays and Thursdays via USPS Priority Mail. For information about when and where we roast and ship, visit our Shipping & Returns page.


We now have customer accounts. When you create an account with us you can sign in, look at your past orders, add/edit billing information, and add/edit shipping addresses. With an account, you can sign in during check-out and access your saved credit card and shipping address information, making for a faster check-out experience. If you have questions about your past orders or your account, shoot us an email at and we'll gladly help you out.


Which coffee should I choose? We offer five single origins, five blends, and one single origin espresso at all times, this includes two decaf. options. Our single origin coffees rotate, and our blends are available year-round. We have developed a Noble Coffee Tasting Guide to assist you through our offerings. Access the guide >>

How should coffee be stored? We recommend storing whole bean coffee (not ground) in an air-tight container in a dark, cool place. Our Bormioli Rocco jars work wonderfully for this. Coffee can absorb flavors, so take care in choosing your container and storage location. We do not recommend freezing or refrigerating your coffee. The reason for this is that condensation has the opportunity to build up on the coffee which could potentially cause mold growth and general degradation of the coffee quality. Stored properly, your coffee should retain its quality for a month.

Coffee is best enjoyed fresh. One week to three weeks after the roast date is the optimum time to enjoy your coffee. If you're brewing coffee that was roasted within days, you may notice a larger 'bloom,' or C02 being released by the beans. You will need to use a little more coffee to cut through all the C02. After three weeks, because the coffee has begun to oxidize, you may have to use more coffee again to get the same nuanced flavors in your cup.

We will grind your coffee for you, but we recommend waiting to grind until you're ready to brew. Once ground, coffee stales 4x faster, this is because it has more surface area to oxidize. If you have further questions about grind, we'd love to help you out. Send us an email at

We recommend grinding coffee with a burr grinder. One of the easiest ways to improve your coffee quality at home is to use a burr grinder. Using a blade grinder, the blade spins around and obliterates the coffee, creating both large and small particles. These large and small particles will cause your coffee to both over- and under-extract, resulting in bitter and sour flavors. A burr grinder, by contrast, uses two sets of burrs that shear the bean, generating very even particles, thus leading to even extraction. We offer three excellent burr grinders. One for travel: the Hario Skerton, one perfect for espresso: the Baratza Virtuoso, and one that's great for manual brew methods and coffee makers: the Baratza Encore.

Coffee is seasonal. Our single origin options rotate because like other fruits, coffee is seasonal. It is harvested during different months of the year depending on where it is grown. However, our Blends are available all year long. Blend components may change slightly because of their seasonal availability, but the flavor profile remains the same. 

All of our coffees embody the Fair Trade values. While not all of the coffees we buy are Fair Trade certified, we make sure that we at least embody the values of Fair Trade, if not exceed them. We take sourcing very seriously. That means that we pay a premium for the highest quality organic coffees, often 3-4x the Fair Trade price. We help producers and their families stay out of poverty, improve their communities, and become more educated about quality and sustainability. We visit farms when we can, help producers to improve their techniques, and build long-term partnerships that we're proud of.

All of our coffees are Certified Organic. Organic is very important to us. While conventional coffee may be cheaper, it's often cheaper in quality as well. Plus, who wants to drink chemicals? No synthetic herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, fertilizers, hormones, or dyes were used in the production of our coffees. This also means that our coffees are non-GMO. We find the highest quality (85 points or above) organic coffees for all of our blends, espressos, and single origin offerings.

We do not add any flavorings to our coffee. The tasting notes you see listed on our packages and on our website are simply suggestions, and a good starting point to get a feel for what it might taste like. Those are the flavors we agreed upon when we tasted the coffee and created the label. This doesn't mean that if you don't taste exactly what we describe on the label that something is wrong. One person's apple pie is another person's pear tart. Neither are wrong, it's just a different description of the same acids - malic and lactic (in the above example).

We only offer 12 ounce and 5 pound packaged coffee. Because we roast to order, samples are not available at this time. This is also the reason that we cannot offer 5 pound bags at the coffeehouse; we want to make sure you have the freshest coffee possible and that we're roasting the appropriate quantity.

We donate any unused coffee after one month. We regularly donate to the Ashland Emergency Food Bank. They supply 500 - 600 families (about 1,500 people) from the Ashland and Talent areas with food, about 40% of which has been donated by the community.


We have a 4-series coffee education class monthly. From coffee 101 to 401, we take you through the history of coffee, production methods, brewing methods, and barista skills. For more information about the times, prices, and content of our classes, check out our Education page.

Special Orders

We can supply coffee for a local meeting or event. Give us a call at 541.488.3288 and we'll gladly set you up with coffee for your event. We French Press the coffee and store it in an airpot that you can use to serve. Airpots are $20 apiece and hold ten 8-ounce servings. You can choose any coffee you like, or we'd be happy to recommend one for you. We include cream/sugar and cups/lids at no extra cost. We ask for at least an hour's notice if possible, more if you can. However, you can come in and order on the spot, but the wait could get quite long depending on the level of business and the size of the order. All airpot orders must be picked up at the Coffeehouse; we will supply you with totes to carry the airpots, cups, and condiments. You can drop these off at your convenience afterwards.


We donate to local arts and education. If you have a donation request, please email us at Due to the large volume of requests we receive, please allow enough time for review before your event or cause.