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brew guides

As dedicated coffee professionals, we can't help but want to perfect our craft, and help others do the same at home. We have spent a lot of time brewing coffee and coming up with methods that produce amazing results every time. We use the following methods in our coffeehouse and are very proud to now be able to offer these brew guides to our customers online. Our guides are just that, guides, so please feel free to play with coffee to water ratios and grind size to adjust for personal taste.


French Press


Toddy System

coffee classes

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Every month we offer a 4-class coffee education series at the Noble Coffeehouse. Currently these classes take place Wednesdays from 1:00-3:00 PM. The series is meant to be taken in order at $25/class, and is offered free of charge for our wholesale account partners and their employees. Space is limited, so make sure to reserve your spot in advance.

Email to enroll or learn more.

Coffee 101: Seed to Cup
- Where Coffee Comes from, How It’s Grown, and How It’s Processed
- Roasting and the Chemistry of Coffee Freshness
- Perceiving and Describing Flavor in Coffee w/ an Educational Cupping (Tasting)

Coffee 201: Brewing Fundamentals
- Discussion of Strength (Percentage of Total Dissolved Solids) & Extraction Yield
- Overview of the Variables of Brewing
- Manual Brewing Method Demonstrations
- Assessing (Tasting) Coffee for Strength and Level of Extraction and Adjusting Variables

Coffee 301: Espresso Basics
- Brief History of Espresso
- Review of Equipment and Basic Maintenance
- Espresso Fundamentals - Grind, Dose, Tamp, Extract
- Milk Steaming for Texture and Temperature 

Coffee 401: Advanced Barista Techniques
- Review of Basic Drink Menu
- Bar Flow and Efficiency
- Quality Control
- Latte Art

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