Toddy System Brew Guide

Toddy System Brew Guide
Toddy System
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Yield: 7 cups of concentrate Brew Time: 12 - 24 hours

1. Grind 12 ounces of coffee very coarsely, and measure out 7 cups of water.

2. Insert the stopper into the outside bottom of the brewing container, then dampen the filter and place it on the inside bottom of the brewing container.

3. Add one cup of water to the brewing container and 6 ounces of ground coffee.

4. Slowly add 3 more cups of water in concentric circles, then add the remaining 6 ounces of coffee.

5. Wait 5 minutes and slowly in a circular motion add the remaining 3 cups of water. Do not stir -- this will cause the filter to clog. To ensure all of the grounds are saturated, gently fold the top layer of coffee into the water by using the back of a spoon.

6. Steep for 12 - 24 hours at room temperature to your personal taste preferences.

7. After brewing, remove the stopper and let the brew filter through into the glass decanter.

8. At this point you have a coffee concentrate. The concentrate will stay good for about 3 weeks in the refrigerator. To serve, dilute 1 part concentrate with 2 - 3 parts water, milk, or alternative milk. Mix to taste, making your coffee as strong or as weak as you prefer, and pour over ice.

9. As you drink it, consider its aroma, flavor, body, and finish. Enjoy!