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Yield: 12 oz Brew Time: 2:00 minutes, plus time to heat water

1. Pre-heat at least 12 ounces of water, then fill lower bulb up to the 3-cup mark on the glass. By pre-heating your water, it will come up to temperature faster.

2. Grind 26 grams of coffee to a medium coarseness.

3. Attach the metal filter assembly, with filter in place, to the funnel. Place the funnel glass to glass at an angle in the bulb, making sure not to engage the funnel into the bulb, which would prematurely create a seal.

4. Pour 26 grams of ground coffee into the funnel.

5. Turn the flame on medium-high and place underneath the center of the lower bulb.

6. When the water is at a full rolling boil, start a 2:00 minute timer and engage the funnel into the bulb. The water should start rising from the bulb into the funnel.

7. In the first 15 seconds, using the bamboo stirrer, gently fold the coffee grounds in the water making sure that all of the coffee is saturated. Continue to let the water boil and expect a little bit of water to remain in the bottom of the bulb.

8. At 1:00, turn off the heat source, remove the brewer, and then give the brew three full clockwise stirs with the bamboo stirrer. The coffee should begin to be pulled down into the lower bulb.

9. If at 0:30 the brew hasn't drawn from the funnel into the bulb at least 50%, cool the air in the bulb by running a damp towel over the surface of the bulb above the brew.

10. The coffee should be fully brewed and bubbling in the bulb by 0:00, with a dome of coffee grounds in the funnel.

11. Finally, remove the funnel and serve the coffee into a cup. It will be extremely hot for a few minutes. As you drink it, consider its aroma, flavor, body, and finish, as well as the evolution of these characteristics as the coffee cools. Enjoy!